Chuck McKeown

Regional VP of Sales & Product Strategy

Chuck’s career in the insurance industry spans over three decades with two of those serving as a corporate officer for CWIBenefits. His focus has been and continues to be developing new business by working with insurance benefits providers to create new product opportunities and marketing channels, as well as supporting consultant/broker marketing efforts.


3 Random Facts That Will Make You Say “Ohhh Wow, That’s Cool”

  • Once served as the alternate commander for a wing of 150 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles as an Air Force Captain stationed in North Dakota
  • Learned how to estimate an alligators length at night by observing how wide apart the glowing red eyes were while hunting alligator with a flashlight from a dug-out canoe on the upper Amazon
  • Began his insurance career selling life insurance policies to newcomers to the community on their kitchen tables, usually around dinner time